Le monde est à vos pieds. Il suffit de se baisser.

N’étant pas globe-trotter, voir même plutôt casanier, amoureux de ma région d’adoption, le Languedoc, et fan d’un farniente made in south of France, je passe la plupart de mon temps dans la charmante ville de Pézenas.

Si beaucoup de « Parisien » en ont l’image d’une province éloignée, qui ne se visite que l’été quand le temps n’est pas favorable à la baignade, cet arrière-pays, couvert de vignes, est en réalité, en permanence traversé par de curieux visiteurs venus d’autres pays.

Simples touristes ou habitants à l’année, ils occupent notre espace et consomment de notre art de vivre à la française.

Ainsi tout en restant chez soi, on découvre le monde qui voyage, et, aussi ces voyageurs qui, de temps en temps, s’installent comme mes voisins Canadiens venus 6 semaines en plein cœur de village.

Fous de vin, j’apprends en discutant en anglais avec eux, (le monde qui voyage parle anglais…pour l’instant), que madame, petit bout de femme toute mignonne, fait elle-même son vin dans son garage et que ses filles ne supportent plus la température parfois élevée dans la maison.

Je crois me souvenir qu’il m’a bien fallu 5 longues minutes de questions-réponses répétitives et insistantes, pour comprendre ce qu’elle me disait.

« I’m making my own wine in my house, you know ! »

On a beau être flegmatique dans le sud, je ne pu m’empêcher de paraître tel un froggy, arrogant et péremptoire ! « You’re making wine in your cellar ; That’s so funny »

Alors voilà, quand j’ai découvert ces sites, j’ai réalisé une fois de plus que si le monde est sous mes pieds, il tourne bien vite ! Lire l’article « Après le vin de garage, tentez le vin fait maison » vous comprendrez à quel point le vin, dans la tendance et sans contraintes d’expression, les « nouveaux » consommateurs vont se l’approprier !!!

c'est moi qui l'ai fait !

Family friendly apartments in Pezenas, Languedoc


In the heart of the historic town of Pezenas a former 18th century convent has been tastefully converted into four holiday apartments for weekly rentals.

facade2_1.jpg jardin_1.jpg piscine2_1.jpg

As you walk through the walled garden the magnificent stone building that greets you gives no hint of what lies within its walls. Pass through the gracious arched, French windows and you’re met my spacious, open plan salons, light and airy and furnished comfortably, with dining tables that seat 6-8, club chairs, leather sofas, and exquisite hand-crafted chandeliers. Fully equipped kitchens, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, etc, are neatly tucked into the corner. Ground floors also have easy access toilet facilities.

The mezzanine provides a recluse with television, DVD player and radio, there is also a sofa-bed which turns it into an extra bedroom.

On the second floors there are two double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. They enjoy garden views and adding to their attraction are antique furnishings and large marble fireplaces. With their subtle and unique decors these bedrooms provide a restful atmosphere.

Each apartment opens onto a private sunny terrace featuring a garden table and chairs for outdoor dining. They spill onto a large, Mediterranean garden with palm trees and mature plants and a wood-fence protected swimming pool. The 9×6 metre pool is cleaned by oxygen active elements which eliminate the need for chlorine, and is equipped with a jet stream for the delights of children and teenagers.

The child-friendly features of the apartments make them attractive to families as well as groups of friends seeking to enjoy a holiday together all the while having separate accommodations. These comfortable apartments boast a central location so you can walk to the local bakery, tourist office and the many restaurants in the heart of town.

A wifi network and beach towels are available.

Click here to see more information on official website of couvent des ursulines.

More information about Pezenas, in english on this link.

Stéphane Morin, Domaine Léonine, French Natural Wine from the Roussillon


Stéphane Morin started his wine adventure in 2005 when he created Domaine Léonine in the Roussillon area.
He is a big strapping lad, solid, quiet, who posts a generous smile on his face bringing down a lot of girls and epicurean women.
Today, it is already known in the natural wine French world as doing great and particular wines. Since the beginning, he bought vines from an old winegrower who never used chemical treatment like pesticides. As the earth was not weeded, the roots of stocks sank into the ground to draw it water and resources.
Vine won at it in strength and in maturity, bearing more easily the climate and bringing more minerality to the fruit.
As Stephane told us « The carbonic, you do it with good grapes. It is like an infusion of grape, fluid, quite lace, you see. After 3 weeks of maceration, you rack off the drop, press the solid part and put it in barrel. » Stephane is playing carbonic maceration as the base of his winemaking to create his range. For summary, clusters are put in a vat during several days without oxygen and the fermentation is starting in each berry.
I advice you to taste Fond de Tiroir which will give you a good idea of what Stéphane wants to do produce. First, that’s fully fruity, red and black, the colors of the passion. And then come aromas of roasting, more subtle, as caress of the sun, at the end of mouth when you decide to take time to appreciate the good things.